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Published on: Aug. 29, 2020, 1:33 p.m.
Endurance Technologies chooses partnerships to drive change
  • Enabling girls to get to school on their own bicycles

By Sekhar Seshan. Consulting Editor, Business India

Women at Endurance (WAE), a group of employees at Endurance Technologies, works closely with the communities in and around Aurangabad, Maharashtra, to raise awareness on menstrual health and sanitation among adolescent girls. These Endurians also conduct sessions on key life skills with students in villages and support the students at the ECoVE (Endurance Centre of Vocational Empowerment) by drafting good resumes and conducting mock job interviews.

“CSR is a strategic priority for us,” says company managing director Anurang Jain. “Endurance believes in reducing inequity with every community we transform, every child we inspire, and every individual we empower. We are determined to act as catalysts to equip individuals with the right skills, tools, and resources where they can thrive and create a sustainable change in their communities for future generations.”

The autocomp manufacturer has a passionate team which partners with village panchayats and other key stakeholders to drive sustainable change. With a deep understanding of the community’s needs, it prioritises the initiatives accordingly and gets the stakeholders’ support to ensure that the initiatives are sustained in other communities with which it works. The work also enables the CSR team to help individuals and communities to become independent and achieve their full potential.

Working in various areas in what Jain describes as a ‘holistic approach’ across education, health and sanitation, livelihood generation and environment focus areas enables us to deliver a lasting impact, Endurance envisions a society where every child, irrespective of gender, is encouraged to be aspirational and not made to feel guilty for going after his or her dreams. It has given bicycles to nearly 200 children so that they can go to school; it builds libraries and computer labs, trains teachers and inspires children for 100 per cent attendance with interactive workshops to initiate e-learning. More than 1,000 people have also been empowered with its “World on wheels” computer certification.

In the belief that health is a basic human right for every individual, Endurance is installing RO plants to provide clean drinking water, renovating government hospitals, building nearly 2,000 toilets, organising health check-ups and surgeries, providing alcoholic rehab and conducting yoga sessions. It is specially focused on improving women’s health, especially in stigmatised areas like menstrual health and family planning, creating a positive ripple effect that transforms families and communities. Its cleanliness drives have benefitted 3,600 villagers, while the renovated health centres have helped 38,000 people.

The company also works with women in villages to understand their interests, develop their skills, provide them with loans to start businesses and guide them through their journey. ECoVE works with individuals from remand homes, orphans and others who do not value themselves to provide them with skills to become financially independent and start understanding and capitalising on their special abilities. Over 1,000 people have graduated from the vocational centre with degrees in tailoring, computer science, machine maintenance, die-casting, electrical and retail.

“We are committed to empowering individuals, especially women, to fulfil their dreams,” Jain adds.

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