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 Climate Change

Published on: Sept. 12, 2020, 9:24 p.m.
CRI’s pumps save nearly 14 billion units of electricity
  • Moksha Griha, the eco-friendly biomass gasifier crematorium CRI has built

By Sekhar Seshan. Consulting Editor, Business India

With the planet we live on being ‘awfully close to going through a change that cannot be undone’, there is an urgent need to take measures that can actually have an effect, says G. Soundararajan, vice-chairman of CRI Pumps. Ergo, the Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu headquartered company ‘carefully’ manufactures efficient products to reduce carbon footprint and runs a number of other clean initiatives.

Offering the broadest range of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) 5-star-rated pumps, CRI has been winning the Government of India’s National Energy Conservation Award in the pumps category, annually for the past five years. It has installed over 1.6 million pumps across the country, resulting in a cumulative saving of over 13.5 billion units of electricity and more than 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon emission.

It also works to inculcate the use of renewable energy in agriculture, designing and manufacturing a wide range of solar products to reduce the use of non-renewable energy. Over 20 million pump sets are used in agriculture in India, consuming 173.2 billion units of electricity annually, and half a million new ones are added every year. Solar pumps are used not only in agriculture but also for industry, commercial buildings and homes.

Besides having installed over 9,000 solar pumping systems all over India, cutting carbon dioxide emission by more than 52,000 tonnes a year, CRI’s solar division has supplied over 43,000 AC and DC submersible pump sets and is investing in IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart pumps that can be operated remotely with mobile phones or auto programmes. It has supplied over 60,000 such pump sets so far.

Every pump shipped out from CRIs manufacturing units also carries a rainwater harvesting (RWH) manual. Reaching over 1.5 million people annually, this works as a communication tool to spread awareness on the importance of RWH. the company also supports the construction of RWH structures across its nationwide dealer network. The repeated emphasis on the significance of saving water for the future and as a core conservation agenda has, over the years, created a positive societal change that helps the successful implementation of RWH.

The imminent need to improve the groundwater level has also spurred CRI to create a nationwide awareness programme, which has spread its wings among the general public on the necessity for adopting measures to replenish water in its natural storages, prevent water pollution and avoid water wastage.

The company has also constructed an eco-friendly biomass gasifier crematorium, Moksha Griha, using wood, a renewable energy source, as fuel. The only ISO-certified (ISO 9001: 2008) crematorium in India, this facility is also the first crematorium to be been awarded the IGBC (India Green Building Council) Platinum rating for its green landscape.


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