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Published on: Dec. 8, 2023, 4:52 p.m.
Eicher Trucks and Buses: Back in business
  • Aggarwal and Gandhok: more productivity and profitability

By S.M. Boothem

After new launches in the passenger vehicles (PVs) and two-wheelers segment, it is time for commercial vehicles (CVs) to showcase new products. Across all segments, the automotive industry has recovered, and the sales numbers are growing every month. Taking into account the industry’s positive outlook, Eicher Trucks and Buses, a business unit of VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV) recently introduced four technology-driven trucks with a lot of features, 

This non-stop series is a new range of heavy-duty trucks designed for the fast-evolving long-haul transportation in the country. They are equipped with powerful and fuel-efficient engines and are supported by a connected service ecosystem to deliver enhanced performance and superior uptime to fleet owners. The Eicher Pro 6019XPT, Tipper; Eicher Pro 6048XP, haulage truck; Eicher Pro 6055XP, and the Eicher Pro 6055XP 4x2 cover the range of heavy, medium and light trucks and buses.

“We take great pride in introducing the non-stop range of HD Trucks that will set new industry standards representing our dedication not only to our customers’ success but also towards improving efficiency and the cost of logistics in our country. Backed by our industry-leading Uptime Centre and MyEicher App, this new range will deliver more productivity and profitability for Eicher customers,” explained Vinod Aggarwal, MD, CEO, VECV at the launch. 

“Currently, the commercial vehicle industry is going through a very, very exciting phase, and in the last 3 years, we have experienced good recovery. Our economy is also picking up and will touch $4 trillion soon,” adds Aggarwal.  The truck-maker is keen to cut down logistics costs. This helps both fleet operators and truck owners. Every year, the company makes investments of Rs500 crore.   

“Eicher offers a robust heavy-duty portfolio to its customers, supported by a connected service ecosystem resulting in increased productivity and profitability. The new range of vehicles have been designed to ensure exceptional performance and with our holistic service solutions that leverage AI and Machine Learning, they are poised to deliver non-stop growth in business and profitability,” says Gagandeep Singh Gandhok, Senior Vice President, HD Truck Business, VECV, on the benefits of the new trucks.

“The joint venture happened in the year 2008 between Eicher and Volvo.  It’s been 15 years now. It is probably the most successful joint venture in the commercial vehicle industry. Last year, the heavy-duty truck industry grew by 50 per cent and we grew by 75 per cent, so our market share has increased and closed the year at 7. 7 per cent. This year, we are again outpacing the industry at 16 per cent, and we, so far, have grown by 25 per cent,” adds Gandhok.

Eicher is offering these new trucks with cruise control. During long hauls, the driver can put the truck in cruise control and enjoy fatigue-free driving.  Eventually, increased use of a truck or a machine brings more profitability to the customer. More profitability to the customer means more prosperity to the driver because today customers are willing to share profits with drivers.  

 Strong service network

To enhance the experience of heavy-duty truck customers, Eicher has a robust dealership network of over 850 touchpoints across the country including 425+ authorised service centres and 8,000+ retail centres for parts. They also offer ‘Eicher Site Support’, a service designed to provide hassle-free support at remotely located sites.

The company has established over 240 sites, serving over 150 customers and supporting over 12,000 vehicles directly at customer sites. Additionally, as part of the comprehensive truck support, Eicher offers training, and prompt parts delivery, complemented by the convenience of annual maintenance contracts.

  • We take great pride in introducing the non-stop range of HD Trucks that will set new industry standards representing our dedication not only to our customers’ success but also towards improving efficiency and the cost of logistics in our country

Notably, all Eicher heavy-duty vehicles boast 100 per cent connectivity, supported by an industry-first Uptime Centre. By Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, this pioneering service offers remote and predictive diagnostic solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime. Additionally, the trucks are seamlessly integrated with ‘My Eicher,’ a fleet management service that provides valuable insights into fleet performance, tracking factors such as running hours, fuel efficiency, idle time, driver behaviour, and training needs. 

This year marks a significant milestone as the Volvo Eicher joint venture celebrates 15 years of operation in the country. Since its inception, VECV has been dedicated to driving modernisation in the commercial vehicles industry. As VECV steps into the next phase of its growth journey, the brand wholeheartedly embraces sustainable practices across all segments, reaffirming its commitment to the adoption of sustainable practices across all segments.

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