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Published on: June 21, 2023, 11:48 a.m.
How Godrej & Boyce succeeded in pioneering progress
  • Verma: committed to cut carbon

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

Over the last decade, Godrej & Boyce has invested Rs500 crore towards its ‘good & green’ initiatives. It is now aiming at a 16 per cent y-o-y increment on the endeavour. As an EP 100 member, “we are committed to reduce 60 per cent of our carbon intensity by 2030,” explains Anil G. Verma, ED & CEO, Godrej & Boyce (G&B). “We have already reached the halfway mark of this 2030 goal, offsetting 48 per cent of our carbon footprint in the last 10 years. Energy productivity in the last 10 years too has nearly doubled”.

As a part of advancing environmental responsibility, the company is also collaborating with start-ups that are innovating sustainable products. Recently, G&B invested in two US-based start-ups. The first one has developed a new type of battery, based on zinc and manganese, which is well-suited for back-up power in data centres, as it provides constant power to prevent data corruption.

The other start-up has developed a new technology that replaces traditional cooling methods, using solid-state devices that are similar to semiconductors. “We have invested in upskilling our employees with the knowledge and tools they need to develop capabilities. We have a programme called DigiTalks, which is a Masterclass conducted by external experts, who cover crucial areas such as digital analytics, customer experience, etc,” adds Verma.

So, what are the key steps that manufacturing companies in India can take to address the challenges of decarbonization? “The first step, in my view, is to adopt and integrate sustainability as a core organisational value. The next step could be participation in industry platforms and collaborations, such as science-based target initiatives and EP100, which enable effective target setting and cross-learning through exposure to best practices across the globe,” says Verma, whose vision at G&B’s ‘good & green’ endeavour is effectively cascaded into each aspect of the business through specific councils to evaluate sustainability goals. Life-cycle assessments

G&B in its 14 business lines, has focussed on efforts to ensure that design and innovation are complemented with circular economy practices, which help to increase their longevity, recyclability and reduce waste through effective recycling at the end of life. In recent times, life-cycle assessments have further increased its understanding of the environmental impact of products and enabled the production of goods with minimal impact.

Lastly, in the spirit of the SDGs of leaving no one behind, supporting MSMEs in industrial supply chains to adopt green practices is of great importance in lowering the overall emissions of the business.

Emerging technologies such as IoT has helped in minimising energy use, considering that the global production sectors consume 54 per cent of the world’s energy resources. “We have taken a systemic approach to energy management within the organisation and have integrated all systems and sub-systems to ensure the most optimal use,” affirms Verma.

As a part of the company’s expansion plans, it has had set up a couple of greenfield projects. The IoT-based manufacturing system has enabled it to link, monitor and control complex production systems and data flows. This has ensured effective procedures for maximising production and better energy efficiency. Devices such as SmartSense, which are used to measure the utilities are linked with the system to provide real-time data to generate alerts/alarms for any deviation.

There is an advanced analytics pilot project to use the data mined from the MES systems to predict failures as well as optimise equipment utilisation. Additionally, G&B has implemented over 100 projects on the shop-floor to augment production efficiency and equipment longevity.

  • We have taken a systemic approach to energy management within the organisation and have integrated all systems and sub-systems to ensure the most optimal use

“The ‘good & green’ vision of G&B is based on a commitment to the triple bottom line, which prioritises protecting people and the planet while creating value for shareholders. We embarked on our ‘good & green’ journey in 2010 with a strategic approach towards greening our processes and products. All our businesses are aligned to the good & green philosophy,” informs Verma. He has three initiatives under the ‘good & green’ strategy – one, a greener operations for a greener India; two, designing, developing and manufacturing products that are good for society; and, three, skilling people and skilling India to help generate employment and livelihood.

“The benchmarks which we have set for Indian industries are a testament to our vision: demonstrating that for instance, the plant 13 Annexe in Vikhroli, Mumbai, was the first building in India to receive Indian Green Building Council’s Net Zero rating."

“We were also the first company in India to introduce CFC, HFC and HCFC-free refrigerators and our manufacturing units at Shirwal and Mohali were the first in India to receive the highest recognition of GreenCo Platinum Plus rating by CII for being ‘Lean & Green’,” Verma explains. 

“The fact that G&B derive over 30 per cent of its revenue from good & green products is evidence of bringing our customers delight through conscious and quality-driven products,” sums up Verma.

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