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Published on: July 10, 2023, 11:21 a.m.
How Tata Tele Business Services helped SMEs thrive
  • Singh: driving holistic growth

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

One of India’s largest co-operative dairies, Dudhsagar Dairy, based in Mehsana, Gujarat, had faced a novel communication challenge. The dairy wanted its veterinary services to be accessible to members via a seamless and strong communication network on cloud. For this, they sought a solution that merged veterinary services with a callcentre system, whereby farmers could call and book the services. They also needed a centralised call monitoring system, with call recording capability. With more than 100 veterinary doctors to support farmer-members at their doorstep, Dudhsagar Dairy collaborated with Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), a B2B digital services provider.

TTBS implemented its Smartflo Solution, an advanced cloud-communication suite, to register the veterinary visit requests of farmers, route calls to individuals or respective centres, to ensure prompt redressal of complaints. Smartflo offered a dedicated number for each centre, so farmers could connect easily to their respective centres to book appointments or for any assistance. The solution enabled tracking every incoming call and hence avoided any misses.

Dudhsagar Dairy is one of the thousands of customers who have benefited by the adoption of digital technologies offered by TTBS. “We at TTBS, are excited to play a pivotal role in democratising technology for small and medium businesses (SMEs) and empowering them to scale. The Dudhsagar case is a classic example of how technology is permeating to the grassroots level and how conventional businesses can benefit by the use of digital solutions,” explains Harjit Singh, MD, Tata Teleservices.

Focus on SMEs

SMEs account for 90 per cent of enterprises in India by count but contribute less than 40 per cent to the country’s GDP, compared to a nearly 70 per cent contribution to the GDP by SMEs in developed markets. TTBS believes that, if India aims to achieve its ambitious vision of emerging as a $5 trillion economy, SMEs must play a larger role in its growth story and GDP. The adoption of digital solutions would be a key catalyst to drive this growth.

Digitalisation had leapfrogged during Covid-19, with most businesses realising that digital was not just a product to keep in possession, but an absolute imperative for survival, growth and market leadership. There has been an accelerated growth in the adoption of cloud-based solutions, collaboration solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT – data management solutions that allow enterprises to integrate, secure and manage data as well as collaborate effectively.

Major challenges faced by SMEs during their digital journey include lack of expertise; lack of enabling technologies; and lack of clarity on a starting point. Since most SMEs do not have high level in-house digital or IT skills, TTBS works to fill this functional expertise gap by partnering, as subject matter experts, and helping SMEs define the product roadmap and choose the best solution for their industry and requirements.

TTBS has built a comprehensive portfolio of highly relevant digital solutions for SMEs, catering to their key priorities, which include increasing reach, transforming customer experience, streamlining business processes and improving productivity.

With services ranging from connectivity, collaboration, cloud & SaaS, security, and marketing solutions, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. TTBS offers a simple, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-grow model, which helps each SME achieve its business goals, while facilitating growth. These offerings enable businesses to stay resilient, despite fast-changing industry dynamics, while maintaining business continuity and growing in a flexible, scalable and secure manner.

  • TTBS’ field team comprises 1,000-plus channel partners and 1,500-plus enterprise personnel, who interact with customers directly

Given its expertise in both the digital and connectivity space, TTBS is positioned to be the trusted digital solutions partner in the digital transformation journey of SMEs.

Robust infrastructure

TTBS has a large fibre network of about 132,000 km, which runs across the length and breadth of India. As a result, the company has connected the highest number of business clusters – more than 100,000 green buildings that house the companies it serves – and this number is rising day by day. Its field team comprises 1,000-plus channel partners and 1,500-plus enterprise personnel, who interact with customers directly, making them aware of the services and generating higher demand. This translates into orders that are serviced and fulfilled efficiently. 

It has also introduced an industry-first customer experience platform (CEP) enabling a complete digital experience for enterprise customers and partners. CEP is an innovative medium to bring the product’s virtual self-experience closer to the customers, at their availability and comfort. CEP will serve as a one-stop digital guide for customers to experience TTBS products better and make speedy and informed decisions.

Singh has asserted that the organisation’s growth reflects the strength of SMEs and start-ups in India. “At TTBS, we are committed to driving holistic growth through democratising technology and a customer-centric approach. We are in a transformational stage in a sector that has immense potential and is making strides in the right direction. Definite progress has been made and, in certain segments, we are already the market leader.”

So, to address the emerging needs of its customers and empower SMEs in their growth journey, TTBS has built the most comprehensive portfolio of Smart Business Solutions, such as Smartflo Suite of Solutions.

• Cloud Communications Suite: An award-winning, innovative suite of solutions that allows businesses to flow forward in a multi-modal, multi-functional, flexible, scalable and secure ways, always ensuring seamless digital connectivity and productivity.

• WhatsApp Business Platform: A method designed for businesses to connect one-to-one with their customers at scale. We have partnered with Meta to offer this solution.

Smart workspace solutions

Firstly, Microsoft 365 is a suite of workspace productivity tools, designed to simplify internal processes and help unlock the potential of employees and technology. Secondly, Google Workspace, provides seamless connectivity between all core applications of work, like e-mail, chat, voice and video calling, collaboration, storage, task management, security tools, etc. Thirdly, Zoom Communications, a new-age unified communication suite, is customised to enhance collaboration for businesses.

“We have partnered with Microsoft, Google and Zoom Communications to offer Smart Workspace Solutions” says Singh, talking about Smart Internet Leased Line, a state-of-the-art solution that helps businesses gain access to robust connectivity, security, manageability and clear visibility of its users and network. In addition, SmartOffice Broadband, a single-box solution with data, voice, security and productivity tools, is designed to help businesses power up without the hassle of multiple vendors. 

  • The Dudhsagar case is a classic example of how technology is permeating to the grassroots level and how conventional businesses can benefit by the use of digital solutions

Also, SD-WAN iFLX, a network transformation solution, gives businesses operational simplicity, application-level prioritisation/visibility, integrated security and enhanced application performance. And, EZ Cloud Connect, a bundled solution ensures connectivity across offices, data centres and cloud ports, helping businesses eliminate multi-entity interaction.

 Infrastructure as a service

A superior cloud IaaS and 24x7 support solution has been designed, which enables the shift of business operations to the cloud at a custom pace, giving businesses the ability to transform computing, storage, networking, security and management. “We have partnered with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Azure solutions,” says Singh.

Commenting on the broad range of market offerings, he adds: “Whether it is connectivity, collaboration, unified communication, security or Cloud & SaaS, we possess the expertise and experience to design and implement solutions that enable enterprises to increase reach, build operational efficiency and enhance customer experience effectively and efficiently. Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of India’s business landscape and the role TTBS will play in driving growth and innovation.”

In a nutshell, TTBS has simplified the digital transformation of SMEs and created significant value for its customers, with relevant digital solutions, thereby unlocking their true potential. This has enabled it to establish a strong foothold in the industry. “Thanks to this track record, TTBS has won many prestigious industry accolades, all of which serves as a silent testimony to its long-standing commitment to creating an affordable, seamless, digital-first ecosystem for enterprises,” concludes Singh.

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