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Published on: March 14, 2023, 11:43 a.m.
Ideas2IT and the art of sharing
  • Gayathri: extending a helping hand

By K.T. Jagannathan

The art of giving doesn’t come easily. Nevertheless, it is a twice-blessed art. It blesses the giver and the receiver. Ask V. Gayathri, chief executive officer, Ideas2IT, a US-headquartered firm with a large presence in Chennai. She will vouch for it. This 14-year-old custom software development company has been innovative in the art of giving. “We believe in sharing the wealth with our employees. And, we also believe in sharing our knowledge with them,” articulates Gayathri.

Hailing from a humble village in Tamil Nadu, she struggled in her early days to get a good education. Help had come her way somehow and this village girl went on to accumulate rich experience across different verticals in the world of IT by serving big corporations such as Infosys, L&T IT and HCL Tech. 

Now, as a CEO, managing over 700 plus employees, she understands the significance of human resources in the building of an organisation. Her belief in sharing the wealth has seen Ideas2IT rewarding long-serving loyal employees with the Maruti brand of cars a few months ago. “We believe in sharing the wealth – not just financial, but also technology insights,” she says. This sharing idea is germane to the core philosophy of her organisation. Why not share it with the community at large?

Well, the occasion has now arisen with the tech giants such as Google, Zoom and the like dishing out out-of-blue pink slips. Ideas2IT has now stepped in to help the techies in need and distress. The unannounced arrival of pink slips “has pushed many tech professionals into an ‘insecure mode’,” Gayathri says. “Should we not extend a helping hand to our fellow professionals in distress?”

Ideas2IT has launched a proprietary upskilling programme to help tech professionals counter the adversity of recession and layoffs! It is an exercise in hand-holding them. And, this does not promise any job guarantee. Pledge2Propel, a career enhancement initiative, is aimed at providing all the support they need to re-group and pursue new opportunities by means of up-skilling or venturing into entrepreneurship, while prioritising their mental health. Along with IdeaRX, a HealthTech start-up, Ideas2IT hopes to help the laid-off professionals cope the psychological and professional challenges.

Different approach

Ideas2IT and IdeaRx share a common origin story of humble beginnings. Founded by Murali Vivekanandan, Ideas2IT began as a small CTO consulting firm. Murali was quick to realise that building innovative products requires a radically different approach. For one, it requires a world-class team with a passion for the craft. Second, it needs excellent architecture skills and a solution-oriented mindset. Ideas2IT pivoted to solve this problem and started with a handpicked team of six engineers.

The company maintains a strong culture of employee empowerment and technology innovation throughout its growth. This is reflected in the long tenure and low attrition rate of its employees who have developed their skills and switched their domains over the years. The company also leverages its expertise in cutting-edge technologies to conduct workshops, seminars and meet ups for tech professionals.

  • We believe in sharing the wealth – not just financial, but also technology insights

IdeaRX is a tech-based group purchasing organisation (GPO), which leverages aggregate pricing by driving volume and predictive forecasting, so that hospitals get the best possible service levels and pricing with leading suppliers. IdeaRx boasts of a team of professionals with IIT and IIM backgrounds, who have entrepreneurial experience and knowhow. They understand the challenges, needs and opportunities of starting new businesses in the digital age.

Together, these two companies are well-positioned to address the issues faced by most tech professionals who have been laid off due to the pandemic. Whether they want to enhance their employability or pursue their own ventures, the companies behind the Pledge2Propel initiative have all the resources and guidance to help them succeed. “With this association, we intend to transform the lives of many tech professionals through empathy, inspiration and empowerment,” says Gayathri. This non-profit programme is available for free to all affected tech professionals. 

This up-skilling programme promises mentorship to pursue the latest technologies and tools including artificial intelligence, data engineering, cloud computing, machine learning, DevOps, robotic process automation, languages like Python and more. The mentors are experts in their respective fields, with a focus on practical, hands-on learning.

Entrepreneur-aspirants will be guided by veterans in navigating the various challenges ahead. The workshops, training sessions and networking opportunities provided will foster the growth of the business leaders of tomorrow. If Gayathri were to be believed, many like-minded organisations have already indicated their willingness to partner with Ideas2IT in this up-skilling programme.

Incorporated in 2009 as a high-end product engineering firm, Ideas2IT employs over 700 talented technologists in the US, Mexico and India. Their engineers leverage emerging technologies such as AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning), Web3, Cloud, Blockchain, IIoT et al and deliver innovation-led projects to Fortune firms such as Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, Roche, Medtronic and the like.

Does Ideas2IT have enough bandwidth to manage the free up-skilling programme? Well, the CEO certainly sounds confident. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Ideas2IT is the friend the techies in distress require now.

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