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Published on: April 20, 2022, 1:52 p.m.
Radisson Blu: Bold and beautiful
  • The resort has beach-inspired rooms, which come in different categories – Garden View, Ocean View, Executive Suites and Garden Villas with private pools

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

The global hospitality sector has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Restaurants, hotels, casinos and sporting venues have stood empty for months, as governments and public health authorities acted to contain the spread of the corona virus. “These organisations moved swiftly to mitigate the impact on their business, furloughing staff, reducing costs, pivoting online and more, until given the green light to reopen. Now that time has come. Authorities across the world have begun to reopen their economies and the hospitality sector is gearing up to open their doors once again”, states a Deloitte report.

“Since authorities have begun to lift public-health restrictions and reopen the economy, the hospitality sector can turn its attention to recovering from the shock of lockdown,” says Alex Koshy, general manager, Radisson Blu Resort –Visakhapatnam. “However, the recovery process will be challenging”. Koshy is getting ready to open his resort, the style and serenity of which rings the perfect notes for the guests to pause, relax and relish. 

Located near Rushikonda Beach, the resort flaunts various manifestations of bliss and beauty for the visitors to indulge in during their stay. The property is separated from the city by an eye-catching stretch of coastal line and is about 45 minutes’ drive from the airport. “From delectable multi-cuisine dining options to a range of adventure, recreational and entertainment options, the resort is positioned to be the most preferred destination for leisure and business travelers,” adds Koshy.

The resort has beach-inspired rooms, which come in different categories – Garden View, Ocean View, Executive Suites and Garden Villas with private pools, each endowed with unbridled comfort to let guests feel at home. There are a total of 99 rooms and three independent villas, which come equipped with modern-day amenities, opulent settings and picturesque views to let one unwind and relax in style. 

Haveli, the eight-room stylish set-up, is a dedicated villa with private Jacuzzi, pool, separate kitchen, bar and garden -- an ideal option for groups or those who want a customised space within the resort, with a feel of grandeur. “As a marriage destination many have come asking for this room, which costs Rs2 lakh a day,” says Koshy, whose offering also include five restaurants – 365, Upper Deck, Ethnic, Alfresco and Zest. 

“Swaddled with awe-inspiring architecture and heart-warming flavours, they promise an excellent epicurean experience to cherish forever,” adds Koshy. “365 is a contemporary restaurant that gives guests the chance to sample food from around the world”. Upper Deck, an urban hangout, doubles as a cafe and a bar. while Alfresco lets guests dine and enjoy the sea breeze. Ethnic, first of its kind in Visakhapatnam, offers a delectable array of Andhra-style cuisine. The patisserie Zest, with its various baked goods, satiates the sweet tooth deliciously. 

  • Koshy: recovery process will be challenging

    Koshy: recovery process will be challenging

Special events like conventions, conferences and exhibitions never go untouched by grandeur amidst the plush event spaces in the property. The amphitheatre, with an area of 4,500 sq ft, can accommodate 100-150 guests. Sagarika Convention Centre, sized 15,500 sq ft, can accommodate 300-3,000 guests. Savannah Lawn, spanning 25,000 sq ft, can take up to 2,000 guests. Sarayu, ideal for meetings and conferences, can have about 100 guests.

Finally, to relax, there are massages, cleansing facials and body therapies offered by the spa, Aathma, which elevate one’s experience and wellness in a wholesome manner. The resort, on the whole, shelters a world in itself, where every corner glimmers like a beacon of elegance and warm welcomes. 

The visual character of this resort, simply put, can be called Bold and Beautiful. The built form, the material and the colour pallet, all lend to this character. “The boldness of the larger mass of the convention block is highlighted by careful juxtaposition of solids of walls and voids of glass, ‘capped’ with slopping roof at selected areas to give identity and continuity with other structures,” says Koshy, pointing out that the cottages on the other hand have been scaled down with use of ‘broken’ surfaces and ‘stepped’ forms, making them look cosy and intimate. 

Natural stone, textured tiles and rough plaster are the materials used for surface treatment. A colour palette of earthy shades and terracotta colour slopping roofs together with stone finishes create quite a rustic feel and an identity of its own.

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