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Published on: Feb. 14, 2023, 11:28 a.m.
Exzod spreads wings
  • Kalla, Tiwari and Sutradhar: experiencing growth in demand; Photo: Sanjay Borade

By Lancelot Joseph. Executive Editor, Business India

“The demand for pallets has touched 90 million in India,” reveals Nitin Kalla, founder & MD, Exzod India. “The logistics and supply chain sector will continue to offer opportunities, with an upsurge in the share of organised retail and e-commerce. Owing to the nature of goods and the need to move the goods quickly from manufacturing locations to the points of consumption, the pallet business is experiencing heavy growth in demand from existing and new customers”. Exzod India, a player in pallets manufacturing, sale, renting and AMC, aims at managing a pool of assets pallets, which it intends to maintain for its clients across India.

Exzod provides wooden pallets and packaging boxes used for storing and moving finished products and raw materials in industries such as FMCG, retail, automobile, etc. “AMC is a strategic business option for companies for reducing capital expenditure, repair costs and improving handling processes,” adds Kalla.

The company’s expertise in the supply chain space allows it to provide customised solutions as per requirement. It provides technology-embedded AMC services –  the only organised player present in the industry to do so. “The idea is to revamp the traditional nail-and-hammer approach of the AMCs with an automatic approach embedded with advanced robotics,” observes Kalla.

Founded in 2018, Exzod provides returnable and customised packaging solutions used in storing and moving products across the supply chain in various industries. Exzod has partnered with over 75 customers across sectors, including the likes of RK Foodland, UB, Mahindra, Trent and Patanjali, to name a few. The company has a pan-India presence, with three manufacturing plants. Kalla has 20 odd years of business experience and is one of the few members of Exzod’s core team in charge of strategising the company’s operations, vendor base development, business development and marketing function.

Key milestone

Exzod has three other manufacturing units – located in Punjab, Maharashtra and Haryana -- equipped with state-of-the-art automatic pallet manufacturing machines. It plans to set up a manufacturing plant in Hyderabad too, with a vision to serve its clients in southern India. “We are really proud of this key milestone,” affirms Kalla. “And, we are geared up for our fourth company-owned pallet manufacturing facility, which would literally make us serve the clients spread across India. With this new plant, we would be able to meet the increased demand from the South and our value chain for supplying pallets is complete”.

“This would make us a dependable company for buying pallets for both large brands and warehousing players in the country,” adds Nimi Tiwari, general manager. “We are the only organised pallet manufacturing company in India, which has automated pallet manufacturing”. The new plant is meant to advance Exzod’s business expansion goals, mainly owing to strong demand for pallets due to growth, improvement in supply chain management, automation in both materials handling at production and user end and even at storage level.

  • We are the only organised pallet manufacturing company in India, which has automated pallet manufacturing

“Palletisation in the country is moving at a fast pace,” informs Kaushik Sutradhar, CFO, Exzod. “We make pallets and provides annual maintenance and repair for the pallets. The biggest headache for the logistic companies, as also the leading FMCG, pharma and automobile companies is to maintain their pallets and keep it readly usable. We are solving this problem for them, so that we will eventually become a dependable partner for them for bringing efficiency in their logistic chain”.

Organised players have been fore-runners of vertical warehousing and palletisation process in India, thereby bringing positive changes, such as space utilisation, easy access to goods, reduced loading/ unloading cost, controlled overhead costs, etc. With the rollout of GST, the industry would be moving towards building large and modern warehouses, which will also increase demand for these products. 

Exzod sees demand for pallets growing and plans to add new products and RFID tags. As part of its growth strategy, Exzod aims to scale existing business. It sees immediate potential of 300,000 leasing pallets from existing and new customers by end of 2022-23, and 2 million by the end of 2025-26. By using RFID tags to its pallets, the company will be able monitor the tracking of its pallets through Global Positioning System (GPS).


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