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Published on: Dec. 8, 2023, 8:56 p.m.
Taural India’s success story
  • Gite: we are on a mission

By S.M. Boothem

From a humble beginning of 15 people and an investment of Rs2 crore, partially self-funded and remaining from borrowings in 2014, Bharat Gite, Founder, and CEO of Taural India, has established himself as a leading figure in the aluminium casting industry. Gite now leads a team of 750 people. The company produces high-quality, made-to-order aluminium castings for a wide range of industries, including Energy, Defence, Marine, Aerospace, Mobility, and Healthcare.

Talking about his entry into the aluminium casting business, Gite explains: “The casting business is a less capex-intensive industry, and having no business background, I thought that this is the most important field. Even in Europe, fewer people were working in the foundry, and they were not getting the required workforce. I thought this was the opportunity for me to enter this business. I was ready to work on the shop floor. I keep talking to forums about the fact that aluminium is a metal that some of the developed countries have mentioned as the metal of the future.”

Looking back, Gite, with an engineering degree from the College of Engineering in Pune, a Master’s degree from the Technical University of Aachen in Germany, and an Executive Master’s from Harvard Business School, gained valuable experience working with global names such as Mahle GmbH and BMW in Germany. While working in Germany, Gite decided to start something from India. He believed in utilising his expertise in the field gained in Germany and giving back to the community, industry, academia, and the industry.

As President of the Alumni Association of the College of Engineering Pune, Gite has played a vital role in forging an MoU agreement with RWTH Aachen University in Germany for a student and faculty exchange program and has organised multiple business delegation visits from the German Federal States to promote cross-border collaboration. Upon returning to India, Gite started his first company, G&B Metalcasting, in 2014 and established it as a leading supplier of high-quality aluminium alloy products to clients in Europe.

Taking the success story forward, Gite founded Taural India in 2016 as a joint venture with Thoni Alutec, a market leader in aluminium casting technology based in Germany and Poland. An investment of Rs300 crore was brought as foreign direct investment (FDI) from Europe for a new plant to enable the local industry to access the best technical expertise, products, and vision for aluminium castings.

Today, Taural India is a premier maker of specialised non-standardised, made-to-order aluminium castings. “We are on a mission to make India the global hub of aluminium casting manufacturing,” says Gite. The plant is located at MIDC, Chakan, Pune.

Green and clean future

In 2021, aluminium production in India hit a record level of 3.96 million metric tonnes. However, India’s aluminium consumption stands at just 2.7kg per capita vs the global average of 11kg per capita. Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced energy efficiency have made it a popular choice in the Indian industry. Aluminium produces less emissions and is energy-efficient in its processing and applications, reducing the carbon footprint during its lifecycle.

Currently, everyone is talking about lightweight vehicles; however, an aluminium one is three times lighter than ferrous steel or cast iron, giving a more maintenance-free vehicle. Be it in mobility like rail, road, air, or marine; all the bases have less weight, less fuel consumption, less corrosion exposure, less maintenance, and more life.

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Taural India’s sand-casted components are helping create innovative solutions across industries. The company provides its clients a one-stop solution – from product design, quality, testing, x-rays, and painting to product construction and assembly. “What sets Taural India apart from others is not just our ability to deliver solutions across diversified sectors; it’s our continuous innovation in engineering, the search for excellence, business and customer satisfaction,” explains Gite.

Talking about the company’s growth journey, Gite says: “I believe in step-by-step growth. So, I envisioned something when I shifted back from Germany to India. I knew that India was the place where manufacturing could definitely flourish to the next level. In 2014, I started with a small company in rented premises. In the first 2 years, I proved to myself that the same quality products can be made in India, especially aluminium sand casting. And then I realised that there was a need for further investment, so, I joined hands with Thoni Alutec, a well-known company in Europe for aluminium sand casting in 2016. The Government of Maharashtra and MIDC have supported us to welcome this investment of Rs300 crore in Pune. They have given us the land allotment and fast-tracked all the formalities. We finished the whole infrastructure with plant, machinery, installation, commissioning, and the dry run. This is how the growth journey of Taural India happened in the last 6 years.”

Today, Taural India supplies products to Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. In the North American continent, it supplies to the USA and Mexico. In the Middle East, it supplies products to Dubai as well as to many Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and South Korea, for infrastructure crash barrier projects. Concerning aluminium sand casting, India and Southeast Asia will be the biggest markets in the future for the company. Currently, exports contribute 30 per cent, with the remaining 70 per cent coming from local markets, where most are multinational customers, including Siemens, ABB, General Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Hyosung, Ordnance Factory, and Indian Railways.

Advantage India

“Over the past 65 years, our journey in aluminium sand casting has been remarkable. Our deep understanding of the sector’s vast potential has always driven our global vision, and India, with its dynamic growth across industries, has emerged as an exciting prospect. Our encounter with Bharat Gite was nothing short of fortuitous. His unwavering vision and dedication to elevating the sector became the driving force behind our collaboration. His profound understanding of the foundry business and technical expertise further solidified our trust in this partnership,” says Lothar Thoni, Chairman Thoni Alutec GmbH Europe and Director Taural India.

“Today, we stand with immense pride as we witness the remarkable growth and the establishment, Taural India, in such a short span of time. Our journey with Bharat and the Indian market has been a testament to what visionary leadership and unwavering commitment can achieve. We look forward to continuing our journey together, achieving new milestones, and celebrating our shared accomplishments,” adds Thoni.

  • Taural India is a premier maker of specialised non-standardised, made-to-order aluminium casting

    Taural India is a premier maker of specialised non-standardised, made-to-order aluminium casting

“Our international customers are approaching us for expansion because they want to buy from India, they want to have China plus one policy due to many reasons such as business turbulence. The supply chain has broken up after Covid; Europe is struggling with many challenges like energy prices, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, lack of trained workforce, and stringent environmental norms around pollution, creating business opportunities for India,” Gite says. 

The company has no plans to raise funds from public or private investors in India in the near future. It is happy with its overseas partners’ investment and will continue with this arrangement for future expansion. There are also expansion plans which involve the acquisition of struggling companies in India. Taural dominates the casting business with a market share of 80 per cent and is expected to grow further as many OEMs prefer to come to India to use Taural India’s manufacturing facilities. Taural India’s current turnover is around Rs200 crore and with the demand picking up for a variety of products offered by the casting maker, the company is betting big on its future growth. 

“Taural India is a well-established player in the aluminium casting market and caters to diverse growing sectors like energy, defence, railways, marine, aerospace, healthcare and precision engineering. The company has built a strong competitive moat based on its integrated business approach and ensuring top quality levels for its products which are ready to fit components with its customers,” said Avinash Gorakshakar, Head Research, Profitmart Securities.

According to Gite, India will soon be a manufacturing hub for the world. The manufacturing sector contributes only 15 to 20 per cent to the Indian economy. There is huge scope for growth in this area. Taural’s role in the Indian economy is going to be very important. “I’m really happy that we are already contributing to the economy, but in the future, I would like to contribute more by exporting products to the rest of the world,” concludes a beaming Gite.

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